Useful Information about attending lectures on Zoom

Our lectures for 2020-2021 will now take place online using the Zoom platform. If you are new to Zoom, we will be holding two practice Zoom lectures in early October but we have compiled this help page to get you started.

Downloading Zoom on to your computer, laptop or tablet

If you have not used Zoom before, you can download it from https://zoom.us/download
If possible please do this before the introductory session and familiarise yourself with the Zoom application. However if you do not wish to download the Zoom software it is possible to join the meeting directly from your web browser without having a Zoom 'account'. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer all work well but issues have been found with Safari (the default Apple web browser) but you can download any of the recommended browsers to your iPad, iPhone or MacBook.

Useful Links

There is lots of useful information about Zoom available on their help pages:
Zoom FAQ page
Zoom Getting Started page

Registering for an OAHS Zoom lecture or introductory session

Follow the link to the lectures from Lectures page of this website. For each lecture that you would like to attend, click on the Booking link and complete the form. You must book separately for each lecture as we are limited to 100 viewers for each event, and you must be an OAHS member (or a member of OBR for David Clark's lecture). Booking will close 24 hours before each event. There is no charge.
When you book you will receive an email with a link to access that lecture, with a meeting ID and password.

Entering the Zoom 'lecture room'

Before the start-time for the lecture, open Zoom and then click on the link you have been sent by email. This will place you in a queue to be admitted by the host. Please allow plenty of time! We recommend that you log in at least 15 minutes before the starting time. Unfortunately latecomers cannot be admitted.

Setting up your Zoom screen

The symbols that determine what you can see and hear will probably be at the top or bottom of your screen, depending on the computer, laptop or tablet you are using. Click or tap at the edge of your screen to make them visible.
You should switch on Video (a camera symbol); when OFF it has a diagonal red line across the symbol. Click or tap on it to switch between on and off.
You should switch on Microphone (a microphone symbol); when OFF it has a diagonal red line across the symbol. Click or tap on it to switch between on and off.
For more information about display options for your device see : Zoom-Rooms-Display-Options
If you do not wish to be visible to other attenders, turn your Video symbol to 'off' or cover your web camera.

Listening to the lecture

At 5.30pm the Chair will mute all the attenders' microphones. The speaker will share their screen and attenders' screens are then split between the slide presentation, the speaker, and other audience members; you can set your screen to Gallery View or Speaker View to determine how much of each of these you want to see.
Remember that you will be still be visible to other attenders unless you have turned your Video to OFF.
At the end of the lecture no one will be able to hear our applause so visible clapping is recommended!

Questions and comments

We suggest that questions and comments are typed into the Chat box which will be at the edge of your screen. The Chair will see these as they come in and will put them to the speaker on behalf of the audience.

Recordings of lectures

If speakers give their permission, a recording of each lecture will be made and will be available on the OAHS website for a month afterwards, for those who missed the event or would like to enjoy it again.

Two short practice sessions

A short practice session kindly offered by Peter Steere for any OAHS members who would like to brush up their knowledge of how to use Zoom in advance of the first lecture will be held on Wednesday 7 October at 7.30 pm, and again on Friday 9 October at 7.30 pm. You can book for one of these sessions just like registering for the lectures.

We look forward to seeing OAHS members in our virtual lecture room this Autumn!